Grasshopper Brewery’s origin was driven by an enthusiasm for high quality real ale. This enthusiasm often means we take traditional recipes from across the world and add a twist of modern beer alchemy to create bold and perfectly balanced beer which everyone can enjoy


We are Grasshopper Brewery, an award winning craft brewery proudly based in Nottinghamshire


In 2017, 2 lifelong friends decided, over a beer, to start a brewery. They jumped on a plane and headed to China and bought a state-of-the-art 10bbl kit. While waiting for the brewery to arrive they sat down and agreed on their mission... It was simple.. To make cask beers they would like to drink in their local. The mission agreed they set about agreeing on a set of values... They came up with 1.... and called it 'Happy Days'.... and so, Grasshopper Brewery was born WIth the shiny new kit installed in the brewery at Langley Mill they started brewing. The first beer was Nymph, a 4.2% Rye Beer 5 years and over a million pints later our story evolves. We pride ourselves on cask beers that have a tradition and our twist.


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A premium U.S. pale/amber ale at featuring Mosaic & Centennial hops

US Pale 4.8%

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copper/red rye beer made with 6 malts and 3 traditional English hops

Rye beer 4.2%

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Hoppy, thirst quenching, citrusy ale made with extra pale malts and wheat

Session pale 3.8%

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Powerful, hoppy Anglo-American IPA. With English and modern American hops

IPA 5.8%

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Single Malt & Single Hops (Azacca). Clean, fresh, big on citrus and tropical flavour

Smash pale 4.5%

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All Citra-Hopped IPA. Pours a beautiful golden haze and is bright and juicy on the palate

IPA 5.2%

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