Patty Freaks

“We’re often asked, what’s the best thing about brewing your own beer? 
Well, tasting is high up there but for us it’s hearing about you guys enjoying it, at home, your local pub or a favourite food establishment, that really puts joy into what we do.
Speaking of food, we had a visit a number of months ago from someone who wanted to try some of our new Craft can range. 
Fast forward a few weeks later and we had a repeat visit, only this time we got a proper introduction.
Pete Hargreaves (and his Business Partner Allan Blewitt) run The Patty Freaks , a Lichfield based restaurant that makes some of the finest burgers imaginable. Their reputation was fully cemented in 2018 when they took home “Best Burger” @ British Street Food awards, against some *huge* competition. 
The Patty Freaks, like a lot of businesses, have had to pivot their business model a lot over the last few years, and challenges are always there, but their story is one of triumph as they have continued to grow throughout these turbulent times (pop-ups, takeaways, you name it) and they are now looking to extend the size of their outlet to cope with demand. 
All those customers eating all those burgers means a thirst builds up and we’re very proud to announce that The Patty Freaks selected The Backyard Brewhouse’s range of Cans for their restaurant.
Street food and craft beer has always been a fantastic fit and we are very excited that now The Patty Freak’s customers can also experience our cans, when enjoying their Burgers. 
So if you’re in Lichfield or the surrounding area (Deliveries via Uber Eats are very popular) then do pop in and give The Patty Freaks a visit. If Burger and Beer is your thing you really won’t regret it.”
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